Jacking Systems

Since its founding in 2002, Jacking Systems has developed the most advanced technology in its field. It’s engineered solutions have been used on some of the largest and tallest premium high-rise projects in the Australasian region.

Jacking Systems approach of modularisation and computerised mechatronics has lead to increased productivity and safety, setting new benchmarks for our industry.

Central technology is the computer controlled JSL Jack and jacking management system with a capability of each jack to lift over 30 tons thru a 6-meter lift with remarkable precision, more than 100 jacks can be operated together lifting many thousands of tones in a precisely controlled way. All JSL products reflects this unique ability. With our experience and understanding of the construction industry JSL has evolved highly safe and productive construction systems achieving preeminence in its field.

Using innovative thinking and skilled engineering, JSL products are designed in a modular way for high recycling of components providing impressive commercial returns and growing the fortunes of our licensees.

Areas of Activity


Our biggest award
is develop thriving

“Searching for a dream home within budget, that too in Rajarhat is a critical job for anybody. We knew this but still ventured into it looking for something close to our heart, and a envy for others. ”

Residential Developments

The Group successfully ventured into Real Estate by creating a series of residential spaces at strategic locations in Kolkata, Siliguri and Durgapur under the aegis of Dream Homes.

Commercial Developments

Our mission is to engage in issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities through an uncompromising commitment to create outstanding living, work and leisure environments.


ReHomes started it’s journey almost 3 decades back. The Group has firmly established itself as a trustworthy and dependable organization in Real Estate Industry that delivers quality.