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A cost effective alternative to conventional concrete construction

Core Jumpform

Features and benefits of the Core Jumpform system

Solid and robust construction

  • Ensuring minimum maintenance and able to with stand the rigours of long term projects
  • Thick sheet steel forms maintain their straightness and rigid steel frame and won’t wear out as with plywood.
  • 3.5KPA upper deck provides a strong platform to store equipment on and to work off.

Straight forward to operate

Low skill labour can quickly learn the operation of the system.

Leading edge safety

A fully encapsulated work space is provided around the entire work area which prevents tools and other small objects from falling from the Jumpform as well as providing the workmen with a level of safety against falling that provides a their confidence to perform at their best.
During climbing the Core Jumpform is fully seated on a thread and not subject to failure and dropping due to a break in hydraulics. Active load cells also provide added safety.

Smooth and fast climbing operation

  • The unique JSL lifting system provides the Core Jumpform with the fastest continuous one stroke lift, saving the builder time and enabling faster completion of the floor to floor cycles.
  • The computer based smooth highly controlled lift assists in minimising adjustments need in plumbing the formwork.
  • Off site pre assembly of modular components ensures the fastest assembly once on site and providing the earliest commencement of actual wall production on site.

Service and support

Jacking Systems full commitment is offered to bring this projects to a successful completion.

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