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A cost effective alternative to conventional concrete construction


How Jacking Systems’ unique technology works:

Once the base slab has been poured (level 1) a bond breaker is applied and reinforcing, post tensioning steel and block-outs (if a profiled slab is required) are installed for the second level. When completed this floor is then poured. The following day the next level (level 3) is prepared. When level 2 reaches transfer strength and is final stressed, it is lifted to its intended height. Level 3 can now be poured. The raised floor is then connected to the vertical elements by pour strips.

Quick Fact This system can be extended to incorporate column and deep edge beam formwork

Poured on site, pre cast or steel columns are options and may be installed prior to the floor being lifted or after the floor has been lifted. Once the full integrity of the slab connections are established, the floor load is transferred off the jacks on to the vertical elements, the jacks can now climb to the next level. An edge system integrated into the lifting of the floor that incorporates a four plank access way, slab edge form and catch screens can cover the exposed edges of the building providing both safety and access for edge stressing. This system can be extended to incorporate column and deep edge beam formwork all of which are lifted with the floor with great precision.

Consideration must be given to the additional design of the floor due to temporary jacking conditions and sufficient lateral restraint during lifting.

Benefits of our Climbfloor system.

Demonstration Videos

Floor construction video

This video details the process used in the typical construction of two floors in a multi level development. Watch Floor construction video

Floor lifting video

A CAD system animation demonstrating the Jacking System floor construction and lift. Watch Floor lift video

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