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Benefits to Engineers

Jacking SystemsAs a structural engineer, you can be confident that Jacking Systems, through special partnering arrangements is able to supply you with a world class design and detailing service for all post tensioned floor designs. This experienced design team becomes an extension to your design capability, providing floor designs that accommodate all the temporary load conditions required with a jacked floor and will work together with your engineering team to assist with the design of column and wall connections.

Quick Fact Provide your clients with the most compelling structural option both in terms of efficient floor design and economic production costs.

As with all engineering projects, it is preferable that our design team is involved at the earliest possible opportunity during the concept or design development phases to optimise the incorporation of the Jacking Systems process into the building design.

Post tensioned floor design can reduce concrete and reinforcing quantities, lightening the loads on the foundation and reducing costs.

Jacking Systems’ post tensioned floors will provide your clients with the most compelling structural option both in terms of efficient floor design and economical production costs.

Benefits of our Climbfloor system.

Demonstration Videos

Floor construction video

This video details the process used in the typical construction of two floors in a multi level development. Watch Floor construction video

Floor lifting video

A CAD system animation demonstrating the Jacking System floor construction and lift. Watch Floor lift video

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