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How Jacking Systems will benefit you

Finished parking lotJacking Systems is a unique system that combines the benefits of post tensioned flooring, a special edging systems and patented computer controlled software to give you the freedom to think differently about floor design and construction. In return you will enjoy the benefits of improved productivity, enhanced safety, higher quality and good looks into your finished project.

Quick Fact Jacking Systems means increased profits on your projects with the added bonus of a finished product your clients will love.

Jacking Systems Climbfloor system delivers you the following benefits

  • Increase productivity

    Increasing Productivity

    While the Jacking Systems is based upon industry standard practice, several construction stages like the formwork are incorporated into the Jacking System workflows or some tasks like propping formwork are simply eliminated by this process. This saves time and labour and reducing costs.

  • Increased safety

    Increasing Safety

    The Jacking System has been proven in operation and is based upon well thought out, logical and safe work practices. Apart from failsafe features incorporated into the software and hardware design, Jacking System incorporates unique edging systems that include protective railing and safety screen components for all site workers.

  • Improved finish quality

    Improved finish quality

    The simplified formwork requirement of the system requires less manhandling and provide fewer opportunities for poor workmanship. The released system and form design result in top quality surface finishes that together with the advantages of post tensioning construction result in a high quality flooring product.

  • Increased profitability

    Increased profitability

    The productivity gains and construction methodology not only produce a superior finished product, but provide the basis for a construction technique that is highly efficient, requires minimal crane-age, uses less labour and less scaffolding and is able to deliver a superior product at prices that will inherently undercut all comparable performing construction techniques.

Benefits of our Climbfloor system.

Demonstration Videos

Floor construction video

This video details the process used in the typical construction of two floors in a multi level development. Watch Floor construction video

Floor lifting video

A CAD system animation demonstrating the Jacking System floor construction and lift. Watch Floor lift video

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