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Benefits to architects

Finished parking lotAs the project architect Jacking Systems technology will empower you to confidently incorporate the benefits that post tensioning design brings in particular the ability to incorporate thinner, stronger floor slab profiles and elegant and efficient cantilevers. With the responsibility for sculpturing a given space into a building, thinner floor profiles allow you the freedom to optimise the numbers of floors within the specified maximum height envelope. This means maximum floor to ceiling heights and can even mean an increase the number of floors within the envelope restrictions.

Quick Fact Gives you freedom to choose design options at a competitive cost.

This can provide you with more options for raising the ground floor level, reducing excavation, reducing retaining wall and under pinning of neighbouring structures that so often restrict design options. Post tensioned floor slabs are readily designed to provide highly water resistant floor plates reducing the high cost of surface waterproofing exposed roof slabs.

Lighter floor spans mean reduced foundation costs which can mean a more profitable project or provide options for shifting budget to other design aspects or fit out.

A flat slab soffit provides freedom for positioning internal tenancy walls and provides a more competitive environment for services because beams are not a consideration for pipes and cabling.

Jacking Systems technology delivers these and other design elements efficiently, cost effectively and consistently.

Benefits of our Climbfloor system.

Demonstration Videos

Floor construction video

This video details the process used in the typical construction of two floors in a multi level development. Watch Floor construction video

Floor lifting video

A CAD system animation demonstrating the Jacking System floor construction and lift. Watch Floor lift video

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